Year in Review

- Copper Springs Resident
We have enjoyed our stay here at Copper Springs. The only complaint that we have is price, which was already at the top of our budget, and has increased (almost 200 higher than what the leasing price currently is). The staff are always great, very patient and on top of things. The maintenance staff are very friendly. TIto is a great asset to the Copper Springs team. There have been plenty of times that I have been pretty frustrated about the distribution of heat (always less distributed to the master), windows, duration of hot water, the lights, the stove tops, and cabinet space (for someone 5'2, much of the cabinet space was unusable without a step ladder). Each time he explained the situation from a maintenance perspective and even if I'm not completely satisfied with the answer (whats my responsibility, or beyond his control, etc), at least i have a better understanding of how things work. He was one of the first people I met here and it's always a joy seeing him throughout the community.

The walls are pretty thin but I wasn't bothered too much by it. Parking can be a little scarce depending on the day and I have had to park a little bit further from my front door, but it was more of an inconvenience than a big issue. I like that theres a set price for water and sewage so we know what to expect to pay every month.

And the biggest thing we loved about the place is the spacious rooms. Rooms are about 11x13/11x14, which is great. Also, the vinyl flooring in the living room and kitchen, we loved as well, you won't find that at too many places in the area. Overall, we have enjoyed our stay!